600/6,000 lb.

600/6,000 lb.

This stout steel adapter mounts a pintle hook trailer hitch, allowing you to tow a pintle hook-style trailer with a standard Unlike timed brake controls that deliver the same power under all braking conditions, Brake Controls use Proportional Technology that senses the type of braking event, Unlike timed brake controls that deliver the same power under all braking conditions, Brake Controls use Proportional Technology that senses the type of braking If you’re traveling with a trailer on a daily basis, you’ll appreciate If you’re traveling with a trailer on a daily basis, you’ll If you’re traveling with a trailer on a daily Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Reese will last a lifetime. It will meet your needs and deliver This superior product is perfect to make your trailer towing experience safe and convenient. Designed to meet the highest quality standards, it is second to none in durability and performance.

Fifth Wheel Hitch

The Patented Equal-i-zer Hitch Head This rotational friction stops side-to-side sway before it starts. The sway control is activated by downward pressure from the trailer tongue and upward pressure on the spring arms. The spring arms link the rotational sway control to the sway control brackets and distribute trailer tongue weight. The rigidity of the sway control brackets allow the rotational friction sway control to safely and effectively hold the trailer in line behind the tow vehicle and combat sway.

“I just had a Blue Ox SwayPro Hitch put on my snowmobile trailer and Chevy Silverado The trailer had quite a bit of side to side sway with cross winds and passing semis. After installing a SwayPro, the sway .

Centramatic , automatic tire balancers “You’ll want to read your owners manual and the tag on your reciever. The RV world has embraced using wdh for decades for the safety and handling reasons. Horse trailers are the final frontier for broad use wdh. And hauling live tall animals need wdh the most. I know it’s one more thing to do when you hook up and you may have to cut a slit in the nice tongue cover for the spring bar brackets, but it is an important safety measure.

I applaud the horse trailer manufactures who already have a boxed cutout in their tongues for a wdh. Notice the trunnion bars or spring bars are hanging lower only using a few links. The truck pulling the trailer was a one ton dually and didn’t need as much tension on the WDH. This trailer is a heavy enclosed car trailer needing almost all the chain links possible for the proper tension on the spring bar to spread the weight out to all truck and trailer axles.

Adjusting the WDH Your WD hitch will come with instructions and to gain the full benefit from a WDH, you need to transfer the weight to all axles of the tow vehicle and trailer. Too much lift from a over tightened spring bars will cause a rear wheel vehicle to loose traction on say a slippery boat ramp or mud and snow. Weight Distributing hitches are rated to carry more tongue weight than a Weight Carrying hitch or drawbar.

In an interview with one of the Reese Hitch engineers at SEMA I was told that ideally when loaded the rear of your towing vehicle should only be one inch lower than the front measured inside the wheel well, that is before and after measurements of front fender and rear. On a front wheel drive SUV, you want to reverse that where the front will be an inch lower.

Trailer Hitch

Product Description Built-in Tongue Weight Scale The Weigh Safe Drop Hitch is the one and only trailer hitch with a built-in scale that signals you to adjust your load before you hit the road, resulting in a much safer and enjoyable towing experience. You had to rely on inefficient bathroom scales, make a trip to the weigh station, or purchase a separate tongue weight scale.

Simply hook-up your trailer to the Weigh Safe ball mount just as you would any other ball mount. The weight of your trailer will push down on the hitch ball, which in turn pushes down on an internal hydraulic piston that sits on a bed of oil. When the piston drops into the oil, the pressure reading is sent out to the scale.

Integrated Sway Control means the hitch design incorporates friction points that provide sway control, without the hassle of an add-on sway bar. Once the spring arms are engaged, so is the sway control.

Maximum gross towing weight: Through these conditions your hitch lived up to all your claims and all my expectations. I am very picky about the equipment I use, and I was very impressed. We had headwinds, crosswinds, rain, snow, sleet, and hail. Eighteen-wheelers meeting us on two-lane roads or passing us on the freeways had no effect on our stability at all, and we had absolutely no fishtailing.

I truly believe that on January 12th, when we hit black ice in Kentucky with our 26′ camper, that the Equalizer hitch saved our lives. That’s a strong statement, I know but you’d have to ask our friends that we’re following us down to Florida My Super Duty broke traction and went into a quick sideways slide.

It happened so fast but as the truck recovered, the camper stayed right behind and it felt like it actually helped the truck recover from slide. Our friends in their SUV behind us said it was an amazing recovery.

E2 6k Trunnion – 94-6484

Also called Fixed Drawbar Hitch Everything is permanently installed in place and remains so when you are unhitched. Main disadvantage is the tongue sticks out as a “shin buster” when hitch is not in use. These style hitches are decreasing in popularity and are seldom installed anymore. A fixed tongue hitch can be used as a weight carrying hitch only.

This leaves the hitch’s opening about even with your bumper.

Jun 26,  · The only thing I have is the hitch and the sway control on the hitch. I don’t have the brackets that you need to hook up to the trailer, but you can get a set for like 80 bucks new I think. If you are interested let me know.

What to Consider Trailer Gross Weight There are different weight distribution hitches for different trailer specifications, you cannot simply use what you like without proper consideration. To choose the right hitch for your trailer, you must know the trailer gross weight, check out the owner manual for the number.

In the case you are unable to ascertain the gross weight of the trailer on your own, you could contact the trailer manufacturer. That should provide you with a reliable answer and help to narrow down the number of weight distribution hitch you have to check. Trailer gross weight is one of the main things you should pay attention before purchasing weight distribution hitch!

Ease of Installation The average time it takes to get the hitch up and running is around one hour, depending on the layout of your truck. In general, with a bit of skill and appropriate tools, you would have no trouble setting up a modern-day weight distribution hitch.

What is the Best Weight Distribution Hitch? – 2018 Review

Want to get a hitch installed? Find the right hitch for your vehicle , purchase it and schedule installation online. Hitches A trailer hitch is a device which attaches directly to a tow vehicle providing the connection between the tow vehicle and the trailer. Hitch installations are most often considered permanent. Hitch System Rating This is the maximum weight you can tow with your configuration.

Eaz-Lift’s Trekker is the perfect combination of premium weight distribution and sway control in an easy to install hitch. Trekker utilizes Adaptive Sway Technology which goes above and beyond that of the competitors’ weight distribution hitches.

Also, with advanced technology and a combination of modern materials, this weight distribution hitch functions quietly, with its advanced distribution system and use of a motion-dampening system. Furthermore, it functions as an anti-sway and anti-bounce system for the weight distribution hitch. It weighs under 60 pounds and comes with a rate of 14, pounds GTWR to manage your trailer. Pros of the product First of all, it has an unparalleled self-adjusting sway control system to keep your trailer in line.

Comes with universal frame brackets for compatibility. Features a pin removal function from your towing vehicle, for easy relocation of the trailer or vehicle. Makes use of the grease-free system that makes the ball and coupler move as one. Constructed with modern materials and simply designed with advanced technology. Offers an anti-sway and anti-bounce feature. Finally, it is really quiet.

Off Road pop up campers

Every time I do any serious off-road driving, I like disconnect my front sway bar to increase the articulation of the front axle. The solid front axle sway bar is not too difficult to disconnect; a wrench to hold the bolt and a socket to remove the nut. But you still need the right sized tools and while taking the end links off is straight forward, putting them back together is a bit time consuming, getting the right sequence of washers, bushings, etc.

I’ve seen wing nuts used to facilitate easy removal, but I didn’t think this would hold well enough. There also seem to be a number of commercial units on the market, but I didn’t see any for the solid axle trucks. And a final thing I noticed was that with the added suspension lift on the front of my 4Runner, the sway bar ends were no longer horizontal like they were when stock.

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Comments Everyone that races on an oval track and many that race on drag strips, road courses and even in the desert, have purpose built race cars that are not street legal. Getting these cars to the track is the same now as it has always been. Think of all the money and time you spend on your purpose built race car. A tow vehicle that sags in the rear has a direct effect on the front suspension and handling. Leveling the load improves driveability and safety, especially with the tongue weight of a trailer on your hitch.

We decided to check in with Hellwig Products , specialists in load and sway control, about safety benefits and better towing performance by controlling the load and sway with your tow vehicle. If you hook up your trailer and the headlights point up in the air, the front end of your tow vehicle is very light and the alignment is off. This throws everything out of whack.

Our primary goal with load control and sway control products for tow vehicles is to help racers get to the track, where they can have some fun, and then help make sure they can return home safely. Most of the time, the rear suspensions on these type SUVs are compressed to the point where the chassis is riding on the bump stop.

Hooking Up Trailer

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