Then And Now! The Teen Mom: Original Girls Through The Years

Then And Now! The Teen Mom: Original Girls Through The Years

Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee Maci Bookout was an excellent student in high school, a star athlete, and popular amongst her classmates. She became pregnant during her junior year, and had to put her dreams of attending college on hold. During “Teen Mom”, she struggled to finish college, while taking online courses, and she ultimately broke up with her fianc’e, Ryan, the father of her baby. During Season 2 of the series, she began dating another man, and they began living together in Season 3. She has struggled over custody of her son with her ex-fiance throughout the entire series. She has since returned to school part-time, and also speaks at various events about the problems and issues surrounding teen pregnancy. A spin-off of 16 and Pregnant, the series chronicles the lives of four of the teenagers from the original series as they navigate their first few years of motherhood. The series focuses on the challenges and struggles of teenage parenthood and changing relationships, specifically those of family, friends, and the couples themselves. The series pilot episode was the highest-rated premiere on MTV in over a year with 2.

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I think almost everybody could guess that one correct! Even though their strength and lovey dovey relationship was what really got me, I thought how they met and how long they have been together was something to be proud of too! That’s longer than what most marriages and relationships last!

Maci and Bentley move to Nashville to live with her boyfriend, and Ryan does not take the news well; Farrah contacts Sophia’s dad’s family; and Catelynn and Tyler find out that Butch is in jail again.

Bentley Cadence Edwards Child’s Age: Maci Bookout was the first episode to air on the hit reality television show, 16 and Pregnant, which aired on June 11, She won the fans over with her incredible mother skills, southern charm, and her great deal of independence. On her episode of 16 and Pregnant, we saw her get pregnant at the young age of 16, give birth to her handsome young boy in October, and deal with a rocky relationship with Ryan, her baby’s father.

As Ryan kept going out at night, Maci began to question their relationship as he wasn’t spending enough time with their child. As the first Teen Mom season began, we got to see Maci continue to struggle with her relationship with Ryan. After getting back together and breaking up a few times, Maci eventually called it quits in the mid-season and have not been together since then. Maci tries to juggle going to work, going to school, and raising a child while just being a single, teenage mom.

‘Teen Mom’ vs. ‘Teen Mom 2’: Which Is the Best Baby Mama Drama?

The parents behind the disturbing DaddyOFive YouTube account are apologizing after facing a ton of warranted child abuse accusations online! In case you’re unfamiliar, the Maryland couple gained followers after making videos featuring what they call “pranks” on their five children — which usually have one son in particular on the receiving end of verbal and physical abuse from his siblings and parents. Mind you, this was all captured and shared in now-deleted videos!

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Maci’s beau Kyle King however feels Ryan still has feelings for Maci. “Ryan percent still has feelings for her,” Kyle, 23, states. “Ryan percent still has feelings for her,” Kyle.

Since then, they have both moved on to marry other people and have more children. He later went to rehab for treatment. Here are nine things to know, including why he was recently arrested page 6 and what his new wife had to say about the allegations page 8. MTV Bookout, her husband, and their children have an order of protection for two years. Edwards is allowed to see his son, Bentley, with this order. Bookout said this scary thing about his behavior. Bookout claims Edwards drove and made a public scene while under the influence Bookout has revealed this terrifying incident took place in McKinney also filed an order of protection from Edwards McKinney took extra measures after Edwards threatened him.

The father was also arrested for violating his probation at his home in Tennessee, according to TMZ. The probation was reportedly put into place after a previous heroin case. Edwards and his wife made this announcement right before his arrest. Mackenzie Standifer Edwards is focusing on this during this tough time. Mackenzie Edwards via Instagram The expecting mother reportedly wants to focus on her baby, according to a source. The same source said this about Ryan Edwards.

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Farrah, Catelynn, Maci and Amber are back for a brand new series of Teen Mom! Before the show kicks off on May 20, take a look at the girls’ journey through the years.

In January , Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielson, was charged with assault in an Iowa court for hitting her. She started seeing a therapist to discuss the rocky relationship with her family, as well as dealing with her emotions regarding Underwood and his death. Farrah eventually proved to Derek’s family through a paternity test that Derek was in fact Sophia’s father and then was faced with a lawsuit filed by Derek’s mother for grandparents’ visitation rights, despite no previous contact with Sophia.

Abraham defended her decision to make and sell her porn video, claiming that she wanted to “celebrate [her] awesome body”. I wanted girls who might get pregnant to see there are options out there to move forward with your life and still have goals. She also speaks at local high schools about the challenges of teen pregnancy. Maverick made his appearance on May 31, Maci married Taylor McKinney on October 8, Described as a smart and funny high school senior, she struggles to go back to her normal life after her emotional decision to place Carly for adoption.

Catelynn is an integral part of the show, letting prospective teen moms know that there are options. She demonstrates that one can go on after becoming a “birth mom,” and being completely mature and selfless by choosing parents for her baby via adoption. Carly’s adoptive parents are Brandon and Theresa.

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Season 2 Episode 1 – Not Again Farrah calls the police on her own mother after they get in a big fight, while Amber faces a pregnancy scare that could prevent her from ever finishing high school. Maci takes her ex, Ryan, to court for child support, and Catelynn is upset to find out she has to move out of boyfriend Tyler’s house and back in with her unpredictable family, an hour away from their high school.

Catelynn gets caught in a lie and faces losing her boyfriend Tyler, while Amber’s boyfriend Gary tells her he might leave her for another girl. Farrah juggles college, a new job, and moving out of her parents’ house to live on her own for the first time — all with her daughter Sophia.

We all know Maci has a ring that her mom gave her in that says Bentley on it which has been mistaken as an engagement ring multiple times when she was dating Kyle King. Now she is dating .

Order Reprint of this Story August 03, How did the father of Farrah’s baby die? Sophia’s father, who some online sources identify as Derek Underwood, reportedly died in a car accident. Click here for a Facebook memorial page that features photos of Underwood and Abraham. Here’s a full recap of the episode: Maci feels like she’s lost her game so she and her friends practice pickup lines on Maci’s son, Bentley. Maci hits the club, sees some cute guys, but can’t picture any of them being right for her and Bentley.

Back at school, Maci gets a call from Kyle — a guy she’s known since she was, like, 7.

Maci and Kyle Broke Up? What?

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Maci DeShane McKinney (née Maci Deshane Bookout; born August 10, ) is an American reality television personality, author, and public speaker. Bookout began dating childhood friend Kyle King. The pair briefly lived together but ended their relationship in amid rumors of King’s infidelity.

Because i see no evidence saying it is. She doesnt even give him the respect to say what really happened on the show. Shes a selfish spoiled brat, and she lives in Council Bluffs, IA where a ton of people hate her for what shes doing about Derek. If you support Farrah youre just as ignorant and stupid as she is. I was never friends with Farrah and I can tell you that neglecting her daughter is just one of her bad traits. But it was a shame he dies before Sophia arrives.

Syd Farrah does not take care of her kid. Her mom holds the baby more then she does on the show. Watch the episodes and count [lol] And she prolly is pregnant again shes with a diff guy everytime i see her and her mom says they practice abstinence HA! Its sad about Derek though.

Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards Proposes to Ex Maci Bookout on Twitter

She started on a positive note, getting the chance to go to places like New York and Chicago to spread her positive message to use contraception and the struggles she goes through as a teenage parent. Chelsea was also due to enroll in beauty school at the end of the month. Before venturing off to beauty school, Chelsea went down to Louisiana with her bestie, Erika Floam, for a fun filled Mardi Gras weekend with fellow teen-mommy-in-the-spotlight, Jamie Lynne Spears.

While her weekend with JLS was all the fun she expected, she made another great connection while she was there.

Maci Bookout (wiki, bio, twitter, boyfriend, tattoos) is a popular face in the world of television who was born on 10 August She is a star from TV series Teen Mom.

Tweet Share It was initially disappointing to find out that ” Teen Mom 2 ” would take away precious screen time from our beloved ” Teen Mom ,” but as it turns out, after two solid seasons, the second installment of “Look How Depressing the Lives of the ‘ 16 and Pregnant ‘ Girls Are Now” gives “Teen Mom” a run for its money in several ways. If, however, you have room for only one teen baby mama drama in your life, here’s how the two stack up: In general, it’s not fun to see her or “TM 2” star Jenelle Evans constantly ruin everything in their lives and end up in jail or “jell,” as they pronounce it.

But while Jenelle mostly just loves smoking weed, Amber is a physically abusive partner to the man-child that is Gary — though, if you look at their respective rap sheets, each dabbles in the other’s trademarked behavior. Strictly in terms of the televised portion of their drama factories, we’d go with Amber any day. Teen Moms have the disadvantage of an entire season over their competitors. Some may have grown to love Maci, Catelynn, and Farrah, but others are sick of these girls making the same bad decisions over and over again — Maci even expressed interest in having another baby because she was getting bored!

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Some fans have insinuated that Maci Bookout may have lied about Ryan Edwards being Bentley’s father. There have been reports that suggest Kyle King could instead be the child’s father, though some “ Teen Mom OG ” fans aren’t buying it.

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It is believed that she had a sharp interest in pursuing a career as a social media personality from the very early age of life. Education History Talking about the educational background of Maci Pope, there is no information about the educational institutions and subjects in which she majored. Professional Life and Career Maci Pope began earning the online recognition during her early teen. She started using Musical.

Maci Bookout Has Welcomed Her Third Child!

January 17, Comment In by Rajshree Nakarmi The 16 and pregnant star Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor Mckinney who married in are trying their best to make their marriage successful. Their relationship may not be picture perfect as we thought but they are definitely working things out. We have all the exclusive details on their romantic life.

The duo tied a knot in a private ceremony in Florida on 8 October after dating since Though everything was perfect between the two, they were rumored to have some issues in their relationship back in June

yes they are!!!!! kyle broke up with maci on the show and the new magazine said that she moved back to chatanooga to be closer to Ryan again.

Drew for the second part of the “Teen Mom” reunion, there’s even more on the way. According to Wetpaint, Maci’s boyfriend Ryan talks with his family about the big fight over Bentley’s birthday. Ryan’s girlfriend Dalis says in the special that Maci intentionally tried to make Ryan look bad. So is that what she was doing on the reunion special when she said Ryan texted her first? Dalis accused Maci of flirting with Ryan over text, but Maci retorted, saying, “Ryan called me, said him and Dalis were fighting at that he wanted to come to my room and hang out with us and go out with us.

The next day, apparently, he told her I texted him. Drew brought Kyle out, who admitted to texting with three different girls who were friends of his from Nashville — or at least, one of them was. It appears that may have been as far as it went, but it was enough to have Maci shooting daggers at him. The anger may not have lasted, though, as Hollywood Life showed the two of them back together earlier this summer.

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‘Maci Teases Bentley About a Girlfriend’ Official Deleted Scene

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