Wisconsin’s Premiere John Deere Dealer

Wisconsin’s Premiere John Deere Dealer

While you are wasting time and effort trying to dig yourself out of trouble, the people who used snowplows to clear the way ahead are already at the office getting the job done without you. Many types of snowplows are available, but not all of them are suitable for all vehicles; even used Dodge snowplows may not necessarily be compatible with all Dodge trucks. You need to check the details carefully, ensuring the correct couplings and frames are available. After you have made a purchase, simply hitch the plow to your truck, and get to work. Some manufacturers produce handheld plow controllers for making adjustments while the plow is in operation, and some models have auto-angling systems, meaning there is no need for manual adjustments to the blade at all. Sellers on eBay have a large selection of new and used snowplows for sale, often at deep discounts. From brand-new small residential electric plows designed for use with ride-on mowers to large industrial used Boss snowplows for heavy trucks, you are sure to find something to suit your needs on eBay, meaning your snow problem is no problem at all. Snow doesn’t fall all of the time, so there’s no reason to spend more on snow removal than you have to. Shopping within eBay motors for used snow plows along with all the other parts and accessories you need just makes too much financial sense to overlook.

Used Snow Plow

New to this site. I have an 8. About 6 yrs old.

Nov 01,  · What do people think is the easiest plow to hook up and unhook? I travel a lot for work and my wife will have to be able to hook it up. Many years ago I had a Fisher Minute Mount 1, which took 25 minutes to hook up.

Restoring your snow plow. You’d be amazed at how much just a few maintenance items can improve your plow. This applies to all brands, generally speaking. First thing to do, is replace all the bolts holding the plow together, and holding the angle and lift cylinders on. The King Bolt is very important. Also the Bolt that holds the lift arm on. Just changing the bolts alone, will reduce a lot of play and the sloppy feeling, of most used plows.

No need to change the bolts holding the cutting edge on. Yes, holes get elongated too, but doing this really helps.

Snow Plow Selector

It’s just like Harley said. Are you looking for something to just do your driveway or are you going to try to pick up a few bucks when the white gold comes down? Does your F have the plow prep package? I know that there are a number of other good brands out there, but those are the two big players in my area and the ones that I have experience using. I would say that you are looking in the right direction with the Pro Plus.

For the small difference in cost, the Pro Plus is put together much better than the Pro Plow.

The HT Series ™ snow plow was specifically designed for your half-ton 4-wheel drive pickup truck and engineered with all the features that make FISHER ® snow plows the choice of the pros. You and your half-ton will be rigged and ready for snow.

Ford says this setup appeals to the occasional snow plower — a farmer, a homeowner with a long driveway or a small business with a parking lot. Instead of firing up the heavy-duty, these owners can adapt a new Ford F to handle the job. Ford says it is just beginning to offer the package for half-ton pickups and many dealerships are ordering the option for trucks to be sold off their lots.

With that option loaded, customers can then take their truck to a third-party plow manufacturer for additional electrical wiring and under-frame hardware items. One drawback to this package is that owners of any trim level will lose their seat heater capability. Ford engineers said it’s an issue of sacrificing something to handle the additional electrical load for the snowplow. The seat heaters were deemed the least critical choice. From the straightforward hand controller to the second hookup and unhook functionality, this plow was incredibly easy to use.

The F plow package is offered on XL, XLT and Lariat models in all cab configurations with four-wheel drive; each has a recommended maximum weight limit of pounds for the snowplow. A 7-foot Boss blade typically weighs about pounds, while the 7. The plow has a thicker rubber pads at the top and bottom of the blade and includes a hydraulic cylinder lift as well as LED lighting.

Wisconsin’s Premiere John Deere Dealer

So here are the various Mountings offered over the years. Custom Classic – This was the “first” design. It was vehicle specific, both the Lift Frame pictured and the brackets and clevis under the vehicle are part of the “Mounting Carton”.

The FISHER ® HD2™ snow plow is also available with skid-steer mounting options. Minute Mount ® 2 Snowplow Mounting System The reliable, mechanical attachment design of the Minute Mount ® 2 snowplow mounting system allows for easy hook-up with no tools required and no electrical switches to fail and leave you struggling out in the cold.

I finally got the time to goto the shop and start checking the grounds. I put the alligator clip on the positive side and then went around to all the areas and connectors you told me too. I even went out to the plow motor and tested the negative post there and the brown and org wire way out and everything comes up good. Plow was on truck. I turned on the lights on the truck and made sure all was as it was supposed to be before testing.

When I tested the solenoid by the battery the two smaller bown and or black with org wires, the plow triggered. When I tested the 11 pin harness the various female plugins the test light lit up too assuring good ground. Not on the plow side harness though. Not one of the male plowside plugs lit the light even though the motor ground and the smaller brown and org or green? I went behind the headlight and at the “reverse directional” two pronged plug in and for a laugh I reversed the two pronged “reverse directional” plug connector and suddenly the directionals worked, left is left and right is right.

They did not before.

Fisher extreme V flashing redlight on fishtick HELP

A plow will need regular maintenance. Chuck Smith has put together a great list of fall maintenance and emergency supplies for your plow. Please check out his tips here and also visit his main page at Chuck’s Chevy Page. Chuck’s plow page is full of real world information and pictures. A lot of this advice may be scary for a person just wanting to plow their driveway. Well, a lot of the above is set up for the worst case situation.

Gazing through your window, you admire the beauty of a foot of untouched snow, while scowling at the horrid condition of your street. A Chevy snow plow allows you to take matters into your own hands and tackle the task of getting your street and driveway plowed.

I plow my driveway and my parents’. Both trucks were regular cab and 8′ bed. Having an 8′ plow makes you much less likely to drive over unplowed snow when making turns and will take a little less time if you are making multiple passes. It is also good for keeping the truck away from obstacles. On the other hand, it is wider going down the road, which can be important if you drive on narrow roads or have to maneuver through tight spaces.

It can also be an issue when parking in a parking space. Many light duty plows are not available in 8′, so the 7’6″ may be your option by default. It will also be a bit lighter and less expensive, but I don’t think the difference will be enough to be important. Some things you should consider first: Is there anything to hit there? Once, for the season, or before and after each storm?

If you have a smooth, straight driveway, with a smooth transition to the road, and no curb where you will be piling the snow, along with lots of room to pile the snow, then a light duty plow should work perfectly fine. If you have lots of rocks, or broken paving, and the transition to the road is very rough, and you will plow over a curb, then you might want to consider something slightly over to the commercial side.

Commercial rated plows are made to handle more abuse, both because they get used more, and because some of the people using them just don’t care about them.

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My Drive is on an incline and the plow is at the top of the incline. I also have a set of wheels where the shoes go. The jack stand legs drops down to the ground but tips forward and the headgear crashes into my truck and drops onto the ground. I push the ram in front all the way down to its easier to get it back on.

What am I doing wrong? Second I generally will take the slack out of the safety chain before I back out.

I mounted it to my Chevy with fisher plow mounts just to test it out, everything is working great, the pump is fast and very responsive. SNOW PLOW with ULTRA-MOUNT SYSTEM. Must be mounted at least 3/4 Ton Heavy Duty Pick Up. Will need to get from Western Snow Plow Dealer or on line. Gmc Sierra Pick Up With Snow Plow. $2,

Equipped with everything you loved about the HD snow plow, the HD2 plow can be customized with a variety of optional accessories to meet your specific needs. With the HD2 snow plow, you’ll be raising the bar. A standard high-carbon steel cutting edge provides increased wear resistance. Structural Reinforcement The rugged HD2 snow plow blade is reinforced with 10 vertical ribs welded into a rigid framework, which provides additional structural support and torsional strength, even under heavy load.

Reliable Hydraulics We produce our own hydraulic system to ensure the highest standards of performance, quality and reliability, giving you a plow that is fast, responsive and built to last. All critical hydraulic components are fully enclosed for protection from the elements. The Scrape Lock feature hydraulically locks the blade down for cleaner scraping and back dragging performance.


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